Congrats! You just got promoted to boss status.

Doesn’t it feel great? You’re probably thinking, Sure it does Alyse, except why am I sweating so much?

It’s normal to be nervous now that the ball’s in your court—but to help you overcome your biggest obstacles in this transition, I’ve compiled the best resources all new managers should swear by:

  1. To answer the question, “Now what?”—here are seven to-dos you should take in before getting started.
  2. Also, these three mindset changes will make the transition a whole lot easier.
  3. I bet your biggest fear is not being liked and respected by your colleagues now that you’re the boss—don’t worry, there’s an easy fix for that.
  4. And here’s also how to shift the relationship now that you’re more than just co-workers.
  5. This Self-Onboarding Tool is a game-changer for bosses who don’t have enough time on their hands to train every new employee (while also training themselves).
  6. And if you are in charge of hiring now, you’re going to have to invite candidates to interview, offer them the job, or turn them down via email. You’ll also have towrite your employees LinkedIn recommendations. You’re in luck, because we have templates for all of these tricky situations.
  7. Because it’s your first time in the role, you’re bound to make some mistakes (it’s normal!). But just to prepare you, here are seven of the most common ones.
  8. And for those days when you feel underqualified for your role, here’s your reminder that you can do it!

Article from, written by Alyse Kalish


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