Two of the most difficult words to define are “perfect” and “mentor” and in this latest article, author Saba Sedighi does just that. Why is it so important to find a mentor and on top of that, a perfect one at that? According to Sedighi, : ” One of the most undervalued and beneficial resources any professional can have during their career is a mentor. In an ever-growing competitive world of work, a combination of emotional intelligence, refined skillset and a great network will grant you the growth trajectory you’re aiming for in your career. ”

Furthermore, Sedighi talks about six specific strategies to find that gem of a mentor, a sneak peak at that first step is below:

Unearth hidden gems in your current network.
Start with your closest friends at work who have an understanding of you professionally and personally. The motto “If you don’t ask, you shall never receive” could not be more true. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask your colleagues for recommendations of former coworkers or accomplished friends who may be a great fit for you (as a mentor). Additionally, reaching out to your friends who work in a similar industry can prove to be fruitful on multiple fronts. Let them know where you are mentally, and what you are looking to gain from a mentor in your corner. Once they have suggested a few names, take time to do some research of your own by taking a look through their Linkedin and Angellist profiles to get a better sense of their career trajectory before you reach out.


To uncover the other five strategies, read the full Article from www.firsthand.com, written by Saba Sedighi

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