Okay, let’s be honest for a minute….how many of you are really ready to jump out of bed at the sound of your alarm? *crickets* Yep, me too! Snooze has become as much as a daily ritual, as making my morning cup of coffee.  But there is hope! According to author, Daniel Ratner:  ” If you’re ready to take back your day, too, here are six morning routines to try that I personally vouch for. Best part? They each only take one minute.”

A sneak peak at the first two are below:

1. For the Person Who Can’t Stop Pressing Snooze: Hydrate Instead


2. For the Person Who Always Wakes Up Stressed: Practice Mindfulness


To learn how to implement these two and the other four Ratner has come up with read the full Article written by Daniel Ratner, from www.themuse.com 

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