Giving back through time is so important and companies are making sure they are creating opportunity for this. As author, Jennifer Magliano notes: ” In fact, younger hires, often veteran volunteers who grew up organizing social media campaigns, thrive in a workplace where they can serve. ”

Magliano goes on to provide some tips that companies can follow to encourage and support volunteerism:

Tip 1 Start With What You’ve Got

It’s easy to plan a fall coat drive. Find a local charity that accepts donations, or try a drive sponsored by Burlington. Before the first snowflakes fall, send a flyer to coworkers.

No big chill in your neck of the woods? Lucky you! You can focus on fashion during prom season, by collecting formal wear for a youth group, or year round by donating to a group that collects clothes suitable for interviews . Many coworkers will be grateful for a chance to go through their closets, so it’s a painless way to get people involved.

Tip 2 Match Skill to Need

Once you’ve warmed everyone up, they’ll be ready to do some good outside. Download the Deed app, search local charities, and start matching skills with altruistic causes. Help unstick your writers’ writer’s block by connecting them with a community outreach workshop. Friends in HR itching to lend a hand? They can offer resume help to returning soldiers through a local veterans’ group.

The know-how that makes them great employees ensures they’ll be effective volunteers. The same skills that drive the workforce really make a difference to a charity, and employees can grow these skills while giving back.

Read the rest of these tips and the full article by Jennifer Magliano, at www.themuse.com 


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