Meetings, meetings, meetings! It seems like our calendars are sprinkled with them throughout the workweek and our time can waste away if not held productively. As author, Alyse Kalish points out:

Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself in one of the following situations at work:

  1. meeting that runs over and forces you to either show up late to your next meeting, be unable to complete a project on time, or miss an after-work event.
  2. A meeting that’s so disorganized you come out of it thinking, what just happened?
  3. A meeting that ends up being a complete waste of time.

Do I see everyone’s hands in the air? Thought so. Every single one of these problems could be solved with one simple thing: a meeting agenda.

If you’re looking for the magic bean that’ll make your meetings flourish- check out the full article and free template by Alyse Kalish, at


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