So you’re doing well at work and serving as a strong team player- but no one is perfect! As Alyse Kalish points out, ” Everything you do leaves room for improvement, and as someone who’s driven and cares about growing, you’re always interested in ways you can continue to excel.”  In her article she goes over eight things at work that you’re probably doing well, but could definitely be doing better. Here is a sneak peak at the first two:

1. Managing Your Time

You’re rarely one to miss a deadline and you feel like your days are well spent. But, sometimes you find yourself spending more time on a project than you’d like, or getting distracted and having to stay in the office later than usual. And, you don’t actually have a “formal” time management strategy in place, which makes it tough for you to always stay focused and efficient.

Do it Better

Have you thought about aggressively blocking out times on your calendar to ensure you’re doing everything exactly when you want to? Or, taking short breaks more often so you don’t find yourself scrolling through social media for an hour? Or, how about trying the Research-Plan-Connect strategy perfect for those who love to kill time? Sometimes the solution is as simple as strategic planning.

2. Staying Organized

Unlike your deskmate whose mountain of stuff is slowly tipping into your territory, your space is fairly neat and clean. Your inbox and desktop aren’t super terrifying to look at, but occasionally important notes get lost in the shuffle, to-do items are forgotten, and files become difficult to uncover.

Do it Better

These desk hacks will keep your space forever manageable.

As for your inbox, you may want to consider using filters to keep different kinds of messages together. Or, taking advantage of Gmail’s new features to stay on top of everything.

How about your desktop? Check out these fast fixes that’ll transform the way you work on your computer.

Finally, if you don’t have one, consider investing in a stellar planner to organize every part of your life.

To read the other six ways you can up your game at work, check out the full article by Alyse Kalish, at www.themuse.com 


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