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This blog is just one way to activate your Madison Network!

What is the Madison Network?

Glad you asked! The Madison Network is a valuable resource JMU instills in each of us by simply being connected to the university through our own personal Madison Experience. The Madison Network is not something you have to join, it is something that you are already a part of as a student, alumni, faculty, staff, parent, family and friend of JMU. The benefits of the Madison Network come alive through- connection, conversation and engagement with one another and the university:

Connection, helps us foster deeper relationships, unleash our purpose and find fulfillment.

Conversation, leads us to discover new friendships, we continue to learn, to develop and expand our impact.

Engagement, allows us to truly feel “the power of” the network’s ability to nurture our personal and professional aspirations each and every day, in whatever place we find ourselves in the world.

The Madison Network if kept in motion serves as a catalyst to help you enjoy the organic benefits of personal and professional growth, while continually building upon your Madison Experience for years to come!

Activate your Madison Network today- read, comment and share whatever inspires you most on the blog!